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Best Garbage Disposals 2016

As a homeowner, you should wholeheartedly understand the paramount importance of your home’s appliances. Many consumers place immense pertinence on their stoves, washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Although these appliances are certainly important, you should never neglect your home’s garbage disposal unit.

Whether you’re interested in a Badger Garbage Disposal or an Insinkerator Garbage Disposal, you should take your time, evaluate your options and examine all variables very carefully. When you’re required to perform a garbage disposal replacement, you’ll want to utilize the information provided to you below.

What Is A Garbage Disposal?

Before going any further, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with this home appliance. A garbage disposer is an electrically controlled device, which is responsible for grinding up your household’s food waste.

The machine sits underneath the sink and is connected to the sink’s drain. The garbage disposal unit is referred to various names, including a garbage disposal and a garburator. Once the waste has been compacted, it will be dispersed to your home’s septic tank or sewage system.

Best Garbage Disposals of 2016

Picture Model Feed HP Amazon Rating Amazon Link
insinkerator evolution excel 1 hp disposal Evolution Excel Continuous 1.0 4.8/5 View On Amazon
 insinkerator pro880 disposer review Pro880 Pro Series  Continuous  7/8  4.7/5 View On Amazon
 kitchenaid superba disposal reviews  KitchenAid Superba KCDS075T Continuous  3/4  4.5/5 View On Amazon
 waste king a1spc knight disposer review  A1SPC Knight  Continuous  1.0  4.4/5 View On Amazon
 insinkerator garbage disposal for septic tank  Evolution Septic Assist  Continuous  3/4  4.8/5 View On Amazon
 insinkerator evolution compact garbage disposal  Evolution Compact  Continuous 3/4  4.7/5 View On Amazon
 waste king l-8000 garbage disposer reviews  L-8000 Legend Series Continuous 1.0 4.6/5 View On Amazon
 insinkerator badger 5 disposer  Badger 5  Continuous  1/2  4.6/5 View On Amazon


Garbage Disposal Reviews

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Garbage Disposer Review

If you’re looking for the all-around best kitchen garbage disposal and don’t mind splurging, you will definitely want to check out this gem from InSinkErator.

The unit is undoubtedly a little more costly than the others, but it delivers added functions, features and a stainless steel design.

At the same time, this disposer is equipped with SoundSeal Technology, which allows you to use it silently. The unit utilizes Multi-Grind Technology, which uses three stages of grinding, so almost any food waste can be quickly ground to perfection.insinkerator evolution excel 1 HP garbage disposal

  • An incredibly powerful 1 HP Dura-Drive Induction Motor
  • Comes with an incredible 7-year In-Home Limited Warranty
  • 40 ounce Stainless Steel grind chamber
  • Operates almost silently
  • Jam-Sensor Circuit helps to prevent jams
  • 3-stage grinding delivers more thorough results

All in all, there is tons to like about the InSinkErator Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal.

The item might be a little more costly, but it is undoubtedly worth it. The pros outweigh this minute con. If you’re interested in learning more about this specific disposer, you will definitely want to check out our full review.



InSinkErator PRO880 Pro Series Food Waste Disposal Review

The InSinkErator PRO 880 is a high-quality sink garbage disposal that is equipped with a powerful 7/8 HP dura-drive induction motor. This type of motor is capable of producing higher revolutions per minute than the standard motor.

This disposal is manufactured in the United States, so you can rest assured that it will offer you a long service life. The PRO880 comes with a Quiet Collar sink baffle that will reduce the noise level during operation.insinkerator pro880 food waste disposal

  • Includes a 8-Year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Embedded with an auto-reverse feature
  • 2-Grinding stages
  • Operates 40-50% quieter than most models
  • All installation parts are included in the package
  • Hard wire installation process (additional power cord kit can be purchased instead, which will allow you to plug the disposal directly into a 110 volt receptacle)
  • Continuous feed

Overall, the InSinkErator PRO880 is a very powerful disposal that is capable of grinding down large food products, in a matter of seconds. The auto-reverse feature is an added bonus that is capable of breaking down the toughest food products.

This feature will automatically kicks in, when a specific type of food does not grind down efficiently during the two grinding stages.

The blades will spin in the reverse direction to further grind down the food. You can also start the disposal in the reverse mode to unjam the shredder, if needed.


KitchenAid Superba Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review

A garbage disposal will definitely make it easier to dispose of leftovers and your home will not be left with any lingering orders.

KitchenAid is a very popular household brand that continues to develop appliances and other devices that are reliable, durable, and offer longevity.

The KitchenAid garbage disposal is no different and it is equipped with a very powerful motor that is capable of grinding up large food debris into tiny ground particles.kitchenaid garbage disposal

  • 3/4 HP motor that is capable of rotating at 1725 revolutions per minute
  • Integrated with Sound Seal Technology for a quicker operation
  • Two-stage grinding process to breakdown food more efficiently
  • Wired installation process
  • Additional power cord kit can be purchased
  • Includes a 5-Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Continuous feed
  • Easy installation

The KitchenAid Superba is definitely a powerful disposal that is very reliable, easy to install, and very durable. Be sure to check out our comprehensive review right now to learn more about this specific garbage disposal.


Waste King A1SPC Knight 1 Horsepower Garbage Disposal Review

If you’re looking for an excellent garbage disposal, which is well worth the money, you will definitely want to check out this Waste King Garbage Disposal. This unit is readily affordable and comes with a 2,700 RPM motor, which will surely pulverize your food waste with ease.

This disposer is designed with a snap and lock mount, which allows you to replace the existing garbage disposal effortlessly.

The exclusive Silencer technology is thoroughly impressive and ensures a near silent operation. With this unit, you will receive a power cord.garbage disposal sink

  • 1 HP motor is very effective
  • An amazing lifetime warranty for unmatched peace of mind
  • Snap and Lock mounting system offers easier replacements
  • One-Pass technology doesn’t need a multi-stage chamber
  • Operates almost silently
  • Includes a 36-inch power cord
  • Equipped with stainless steel swivel impellers to prevent jamming

This continuous feed disposal is definitely worth its affordable price tag. The unit is stylish and durable, while the interior components are effective.

At the same time, the installation process couldn’t be easier. This unit is safe for septic tanks of appropriate sizes. Be sure to check out this one in greater depth right now!


InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer Review

There are many households, which utilize a septic tank. If you fall into this category, you will want to make sure out this septic tank friendly garbage disposal. It comes with an affordable price tag and many truly beneficial features. First, the unit utilizes SoundSeal Technology, which keeps noise levels low.

Don’t worry, because you won’t need to wear earplugs, when operating this disposer. The unit utilizes MultiGrind Technology and comes with one Bio-Charge cartridge.

The cartridge helps to ensure that your waste degrades much quicker. The unit comes with a 4-year In-Home limited warranty. Additional features can be found below.insinkerator evolution garbage disposal

  • Comes with a 4-year In-Home Limited Warranty
  • 3/4 HP Dura-Drive Induction Motor is sufficiently powerful
  • 40 Ounce grind chamber is built to last
  • MultiGrind Technology
  • SoundSeal Technology keeps the noise level very low
  • Affordable price tag
  • Excellent choice for septic tanks

All in all, there is a lot to like about the InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposer. The unit is very affordable and it comes with a Bio-Charge cartridge, which makes it perfect for houses with septic tanks.

The 3/4 HP motor is more than capable of grinding your foods to perfection. All in all, the unit is well worth exploring in greater depth. Be sure to check out our full review right now!


InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer Review

Many consumers desire a garbage disposal, which is affordable, yet powerful. If you fit into this category, you will definitely want to explore the InSinkErator Evolution Compact. This 3/4 HP Household Disposer is incredibly affordable, but comes with some of the same features, as the more expensive alternatives.

The 34.6 ounce grind chamber provide an abundance of space for all of your foods. The interior grind components are all manufactured from stainless steel, which guarantees that they’ll last and will not corrode. The SoundSeal Technology helps to eliminate vibrations, while also diminishing the noise produced.garbage disposal reviews

  • Comes with a 4-year In-Home limited warranty
  • 34.6 ounce grind chamber
  • Grind components are made from stainless steel
  • Two grind stages
  • SoundSeal Technology helps to reduce operational noise
  • Installation is straightforward and uncomplicated
  • Continuous feed

Although this disposer might not be as powerful as some of the others, it also comes with a less frightening price tag.

This makes it more than reasonable for the majority of consumers. Plus, the 3/4 HP will be more than enough for most and the 4-year warranty delivers added peace of mind. To learn more, you will want to check out our full review right now!


Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review

If you’re looking for an affordable continuous feed garbage disposal, which can do no wrong, you’ve found it. The Waste King L-8000 is a truly impressive disposer, which comes with an incredibly friendly price tag.

Despite the low cost, the unit utilizes a 1 horsepower motor, with an impressive speed of 2,800 RPM. Plus, the swivel impellers are stainless steel, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll last! To help reduce the sound produced during operation, the grinder chamber is insulated.

The unit comes with all of the necessary hardware, including the gasket and drain elbow. Once it arrives, you’ll be able to install it right away!waste king garbage disposal

  • 1HP Motor with 2,800 RPM speeds
  • Stainless steel swivel impellers are built to last
  • Insulated Chamber for quiet operation
  • All components are designed in a rust-free manner
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion and mechanical failures
  • Includes a 36-inch power cord
  • Works great with septic tanks

Truthfully, it is hard to beat this wonderful combination. The unit is incredibly affordable, yet its motor is more than capable of churning up your foods perfectly.

Also, the unit comes with everything you could ever need. You’ll be able to get it installed almost instantly upon delivery. Be sure to check out our full review for more details today.


InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal Review

Over the years, InSinkErator has established itself as one of the leading brands in garbage disposals. The Badger 1 Garbage Disposal was great, but the Badger 5 is even better. Those that are looking for a steal will definitely want to check out this model.

It will not break the bank, yet it comes with a 1/2 HP, which is more than capable of grinding up moderately tough foods.

The unit also comes with a 2-year In-Home limited warranty, which should quell any concerns that you have. For added peace of mind, the unit is manufactured in the United States. More features can be found below.insinkerator badger garbage disposal

  • 26 ounce Grind Chamber
  • Grind System is made from galvanized steel
  • 1/2 HP Dura-Drive Induction Motor
  • Comes with a 2-year In-Home limited warranty
  • Made in the United States
  • More than affordable
  • Fairly quiet operation
  • Installation is quick and easy

When it comes down to it, the InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposer isn’t as well rounded as the others, but it is also much cheaper.

This unit is an absolute must for those, who are looking for a quick, affordable fix to replace their previous disposer. If you fit into this category, you will want to check out our full review right now!


Different Types Of Garbage Disposals

When attempting to choose a garbage disposal for your home, you will have two options to choose from. Some consumers will opt for the batch feed garbage disposal, while others feel choose an continuous model.

Both can achieve the task at hand, but each will do so in a unique manner. Below, you will find a breakdown of the differences between the two.

batch feed disposal

Batch Feed – These models deliver covered operation, which will prove to be reassuring to many homeowners. Before the machine can be operated, the consumer will need to make use of a stopper. This makes batch feed disposers better suited for homes with children.

If you’re worried about accidentally dropping your belongings inside of the disposer, these models are recommended.

Despite being a little more costly, the batch feed varieties deliver a quieter performance and a more diverse array of options. Just remember the installation and setup will be a little more time consuming.


kitchenaid garbage disposalContinuous Feed – These models utilize wall switches or accessory switches. Some of these models are equipped with an auto-reverse and special circuitry, which helps to prevent a clogged garbage disposal. With the continuous feed models, a sink baffle will hold the debris and help to keep the operation a little quieter.

Garbage Disposal Cost

Now, it is nearly impossible to purchase anything, without looking at the price. This is especially true, when it comes to home appliances.

The good news is that even the top rated garbage disposals are readily available. A cheap garbage disposal can rest well under the one hundred dollar mark.

Spending a little extra is recommended though, as this will help to ensure that the disposal will deliver a better performance and extensive longevity. Just remember that the garbage disposal prices can vary. Set a realistic budget for your investment and remain loyal to it.

What Is The Best Garbage Disposal?

When it comes down to it, there are numerous models and the debate is heated. Some will refer to the Waste King Garbage Disposal as the best, while others will insist the Whirlaway Garbage Disposal cannot be topped.

There are so many variables involved that it is nearly impossible to give the label to one model over another. Instead, the consumer will need to weigh the pros and cons of each, in order to find the disposer, which is best for their own individualistic situation. Below, you will discover some of the most important factors to consider, when purchasing a disposer.

Motor Sizes

Now, you should realize that there are many differentials between the various models. Among these, you will find many discrepancies in the motor size and power.

Some disposers will actually come with an array of different settings, which allows you to customize the machine’s performance for the specific task, at hand.

Cheap disposals will come with very little power, with 1/3 HP being the most common. These models are generally best for smaller households, which plan to grind up minute quantities.

For bigger households, which plan to prepare food regularly, a 3/4 or 1 HP disposer is more ideal. The stronger motor will be more than capable of grinding up tough, stubborn foods.

Although these models may be slightly more expensive, they’ll also operate much quieter, thanks to enhanced insulation.

Important Features

When attempting to purchase the best garbage disposal for your kitchen, you will need to look at all of the available features.

There are numerous and some may be a necessity for your own individualistic situation. Below, you will find a breakdown of the most important features for your consideration.

Anti-Jamming – As the title suggests, anti-jamming functionality will help to cut down on the rate of jams. If the garbage disposal is not working, there is a high probability that it is clogged.

There are several different types of anti-jamming features, including auto-reverse, which will force the disposer’s blades to operate in the opposite direction. In most cases, this will allow the machine to unjam itself, without your assistance. Anti-jam circuitry is another option.

This feature can actually prevent a jam, before it occurs. This feature will automatically reverse the motor or elevate its power to prevent the jam.

Near Silent Operation – Although a disposer is undoubtedly beneficial, nobody wants one, which requires earplugs to utilize. Thankfully, there are many features, which can help to decrease the noise level. Some models are equipped with insulated outer shells.

The insulation helps to dull the noise. A sink baffle can also help to eliminate the noise. If you have a kitchen, which is connected to the living room, investing in a disposer with these additional features is more recommended.

Optional Dishwasher Connection – If you have a dishwasher, you may wish to connect your disposer directly to it. By syncing the two machines together, you will be able to grind up the waste, which is removed from the dishes. This can help to eliminate the necessity of rinsing the dishes, before giving them a spin in the dishwasher.

Septic Tank – Some homeowners have a septic tank, which collects their home’s waste. If you fall into this category, you should realize that you’ll need to be much more careful with your disposer. Many septic systems are capable of accommodating these appliances, but you’ll need to be incredibly careful of what you place inside.

The majority of waste, including scraps, fruits and vegetable peels, can be cut up with this machine. However, you should never add mineralized items to the disposer.

Also, some food disposals are specifically designed for use with septic systems. They’re equipped with specialized cartridges, which add a microorganism to the drain.

This microorganism helps to speed up the food’s degradation pace. Generally, the cartridges will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, before they’ll need to be replaced.

Grinding Chamber – Generally, the grinding chamber goes hand in hand with the size of the motor. A more powerful motor will require a bigger grinding chamber and vice versa.

Opting for a stainless steel chamber is highly recommended. This will help to ensure that the unit is easier to clean and delivers enhanced longevity.

Exterior And Warranty – Remember that a motor is only going to last so long. This is why it is imperative to spend a little extra on a disposal, which comes with an extensive warranty. Try to find a lengthier warranty and one that covers the motor generously.

Also, you should make sure that the exterior is built to last. Opting for a stainless steel exterior and components is recommended. The material will help to prevent corrosion, while also delivering enhanced durability.



All in all, there is an abundance of different variables to examine, when attempting to purchase and install a garbage disposal. When attempting to make the best determination for your home, your should always refer to reviews and garbage disposal ratings. By combining the knowledge gained here with your own preferences, you will be able to make a more informed decision, which will undoubtedly serve you and your family much better.