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Tips That Will Make Replacing That Broken Garbage Disposal Easier


Replacing a garbage disposal may seem like a task that requires a professional plumber, since it requires electric, drainage, and installation techniques. However, you will be happy to know that the task is not as difficult, as one would think. Of course, the first step will involve, shopping for a quality garbage disposal that will fit into your budget. Below, you will learn more information about shopping and installing a garbage disposal.


Buying A Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal install

What To Look For In A New Garbage Disposal 

Garbage disposals can range anywhere from $50 to $300 dollars. Even the cheapest of these disposals will hold up fairly well under normal conditions. With that being said, why would you want to invest in a more expensive disposal? Buying a more expensive disposal will guarantee you longevity, more power, less mechanical problems, and a longer warranty.

With a little research you will find that the more expensive units utilize stainless steel grinding blades, and bigger motors. Both of these factors will ensure that your disposal will be able to grind the larger food items into a pulpy consistency. Now, that you know a little bit about shopping for disposal, it’s time to learn how to change out that old disposal.

Removing The Broken Garbage Disposal

You want to start by shutting off the power to the unit. Once you have done that it will be time to remove the electrical panel, but pay close attention to how the wires are connected. Write it down, if you have to, but in most cases the two white wires will be connect together, as well as the two black wires, and the ground wire will be connected to a ground screw.

You need to remove the  clamp on the dishwasher hose and then pull it free. You will now have to remove all the drain PVC connections. The disposal should now just be connected to the sink drain fitting, but it may be connected in several different ways. It could be connected with threaded plastic nuts, large hose clamps, or a mounting ring assembly. A mounting ring assembly is the most common type of connection and that is probably how your disposal is connected. To remove the disposal, you need to support it at the bottom with one hand and  rotate the it counterclockwise with the other.

The disposal should now slide out and you will be able to remove the rest of the sink drain assembly. Be sure to remove all the old plumber’s putty, so that the new connection will make a clean seal.

Installing A New Garbage Disposal 

To install your new unit you will have to begin with the sink drain assembly. Roll some plumber’s putty around the sink drain fitting and press it firmly into the sinkhole. Now, from underneath the sink, you will have to attach the washer and the nut. Firmly tighten everything into place and you will be ready to install the mounting flange and retaining ring. Simply just snap the retaining ring on the drain spout and tighten the bolts, until everything feels snug. You will notice that the plumber’s putty will squeeze out, which is a good sign.

Making The Electrical Connection

It is always easier to go ahead and connect the electrical wires, before you put the disposal in place. The wiring should be long enough and if it isn’t you might have to add on. Simply just remove the electrical panel on the new disposal, connect the wires in the appropriate manner, and reinstall the cover.

All new disposals will come with a dishwasher discharge nipple, which will be plugged and if you intend to use this connection, you are going to have to remove the plug first. You can just push the plug, using a screwdriver. You now want to lift the disposer in place and rotate it clockwise until it bottoms out.

Making The Plumbing Connections

You now want to reconnect the dishwasher and plumbing pipes in the same manner that you removed them. It is possible that you may have to make some alterations to the drainpipes, but this should not take very long.


Now, you are ready to utilize your new garbage disposal. Always make sure to turn on the spigot, before turning on the garbage disposal, because you do not want to risk damaging the motor.

Eliminating the Garbage Disposal Smells


Nothing kills a roiling stomach, begging for food, than walking into a kitchen that smells like a compost heap with last months dead livestock and rotten tomatoes, ripe with freshly-flecked cigarettes and oyster shells drenched in spoiled milk.  Let’s pretend that for a moment, you love the smell of a great kitchen.  In reality, you have what is a poorly-maintained garbage disposal.

eliminating garbage disposal smells

It’s Easy-to-Cure a Sick Disposal

What you do is start a flow of water into the disposal, a steady stream of cool water should be the initial process.  Don’t breathe deep, the fumes from whatever died long ago will waft into your face.

Engage the disposal, let it cycle until the horrible sound of whatever is clogging it flushes.  If you’re having trouble with this, a little baking soda flushed with vinegar should provide a spectacular display of ridding your pipes of the clog of detritus.

Rinse your basin of the white powder.  Allow it to run for about thirty seconds.  To ensure that your garbage disposal doesn’t smell like three-day old roadkill, let’s look around your food items that can continue to purify your home smells.

What do you think about citrus fruits?  Peelings from oranges, clementines, lemons, limes, all of these can be digested by your garbage disposal and provide an effervescent shroud over your food preparation area.  If you have small children, you can line them up in the kitchen and show them the joys of slaying the stinker down below, and safely operate the garbage disposal.  While doing this, it’s fun to make growling noises and chewing sounds, “NOM NOM, ORANGE PEELS MAKE ME FEEL GOOD!  BELCH!”  And let the scent waft around the kitchen, letting the little ones learn the smell of citrus is the smell of happiness.

Walk it Back

While taking the children back to the living room or their play area, continue making funny voices and bandy about how the garbage disposal is happier now.  He’s possibly unhappy that the bathroom smells so much when people eat pizza.

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal


We all have one of these wonderful items in our home. It’s the noisiest thing that many of us operate. It’s the monster under the sink; our Garbage Disposal. For what it’s worth, many people absentmindedly abuse this kitchen aid, and their lack of knowledge sometimes turns into a pricey bill that they could have avoided.

how to clean a garbage disposal

Turn on the Cold Water

It’s a rinse that will start the process. The flow of water circling the drain helps funnel everything where it needs to go.


Engage the Disposal

Flip the light switch that starts the horrible sound from under the sink. It’s imperative that one doesn’t decide to stick their hands in the disposal while the disposal is engaged. Horror movies have capitalized on the possible dismemberment possible from these digit-removing blades. From here out, if there is a reason to reach past the drain, turn the disposal off!


Slowly Feed the Disposal with Scraps

One piece at a time, let gravity take the scraps down the drain. Don’t shovel everything in at once, it’s not a pie eating contest for the pipes! Listen to the sound of the whirling blades, and if it sounds like the disposal is having a hard time of processing your garbage, slow it down.

Avoid fibrous items like stalks or meaty items. These can go in your actual garbage, putting these in your sink can risk a clog and nobody wants that, except a local plumber. These items can be trouble, so if possible, don’t expect these to go in your sink. Large items, like turkey bones, can likewise be tossed in the actual trash. No need to test the limits of your wallet with an expensive house call.


After all Sink Scraps are Down the Drain, Continue to Flush with Cool Water

What you’re doing is ensuring that the system is trouble-free. Like any other rinsing process, you’re going to do this for at least thirty seconds to a minute. Once that time has elapsed, you can turn off the water and have yourself a normal evening.


Periodic Maintenance

Once a week, it is recommended that you finish with a couple extra steps. Take an ice cube tray’s worth of ice, and while you’re flushing the cool water through your pipes with the disposal on, start sending these through the system. They will help clean the blades and knock bits of hidden detritus loose.

After this, add a service of dish soap and possibly some citrus rinds and continue to flush the system with water. The rinds will be pulverized and the smell will assist with what normally is placed in the disposal. Once you’re finished flushing the drain, you can safely disengage the disposal and after a minute, stop the water.

Continue about your day.

If you’re looking to purchase one of the market’s best garbage disposals, be sure to check our out reviews right now!

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The Best Compost Bin Reviews – How To Make Compost


If you are a newbie at composting, you will need to take the time to learn how to make compost properly. There are many tricks to the trade, but one thing is for sure, if you go into it with knowledge, then the decomposition process will be a breeze. Worm composting has become very popular, because helminthes will speed up the process drastically and leave you with rich compost.



How To Make Compost

You must create an environment that worms will happily live in and so they can migrate about without issue. Worms has been utilized for composting forever, but it is important to note that you must cut the waste in a minimum of 2” pieces, so it can decompose faster. The first step of the process is to purchase a worm composter. There are many different sizes, styles, and designs on the market, so you will have to do thorough research, before you make your final selection.

The compost tumbler is very popular, because it is designed like a barrel drum and sits on a base. This makes emptying it a breeze, plus you will never have to lift it up, when transporting it to the garden. Instead, you will dislodge it from the base and roll it all the way to the garden. Below you will find several compost bin reviews that will help you select the perfect worm composting bin that will suit your needs and preferences.


What Are The Best Worms For Composting?

Now, it is time to learn about the worms, which can be used in your composter. Finding the right worms is absolutely vital. If you fail to make the right decision here, you will regret it tremendously and your composter will fail. When it comes down to it, the majority of experts will recommend epigeic worms, with the red wigglers being the most popular. These worms are unable to burrow and they absolutely love feeding on organic material. This combination makes them more than ideal for your compost bin.

Now that you’ve learned how to make compost and have learned about the best worms for composting, it is time to get into the best composting bins. These will be explored in greater depth below.


compost bin reviews

OXO Good Grips Compost Bins Review

If you are an environmental friendly individual and enjoy composting, you will need a small bin to hold your kitchen scraps until you are ready to add them to your composter. Almost everyone is familiar with the OXO brand, whether you have invested in their products or know someone that has, you will definitely appreciate their quality and design. The OXO Good Grips compost bin is a must have for anyone that composts.

Notable Specifications

  • Equipped with a durable rotating carrying handle for easy transport
  • Lid is removable for easy cleaning and emptying (lid stays up after opening
  • Available in gray and white
  • Interior walls are smooth to prevent mold buildup
  • Capable of holding 3 quarts of waste
  • Measures in at 7 1/2″ H X 7” W X 7” D
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Satisfaction guarantee with replacement or refund option

If you are worried about odor and mold buildup, you can utilize a 2.6 gallon compostable bag with the compact bin. The OXO compost bin is not equipped with ventilation holes to prevent odors. The lid is snug, when shut, but it does not seal completely, so you should empty it every other day or less.

Overall Assessment

The OXO Good Grips compost bin is a handy, dandy container that will look great on any countertop. It is designed to offer convenience, durability, and a long service life.

Click here to find the lowest price
Click here to find the lowest price



envirocycle composter reviews

Envirocycle Composter Reviews 

If you are searching for a composter that will make your composting tasks a breeze, then you should look no further than the Envirocycle. This composter has a very unique design with a solid tank that spins. This is an outdoor composter that will look great in your garden or near your balcony, since it will not emit an unpleasant odor.

Notable Specifications

  • Tumbler detaches, so you can roll it to the garden (no lifting)
  • Door is detachable
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Products liquid tea and solid compost simultaneously
  • Compact design for easy placement and storage
  • 35 gallon tank
  • Measures in at 26” H X 22” W
  • Constructed out of recycled HDPE materials
  • No assembly required

The greatest thing about the Envirocycle is that the tumbler will detach from the base. This will allow you to roll it to your garden, so you can empty the compost out onto the ground. The door is removable, which will make emptying it easier. Just pull out the pin and the door will easily slip off and simply replace it, when you are through.

You do not have to worry about the Envirocycle being exposed to light rain or sprinkles, because the way the drum sits on the base, it will prevent water from getting into it. You will have the option of plugging (plugs included) the 2 external holes, which are located on the base to prevent water from getting in, but please note that this could potentially prevent you from being able to collect the white tea.

Overall Assessment  

The Envirocycle composter is designed to offer convenience, durability, and provide you with a large quantity of fertile compost.

Click here to find the lowest price
Click here to find the lowest price




worm composting bin

Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter Review

Composting is an environmental friendly way to dispose of your waste. Many homeowners choose to utilize a compost pile, while others prefer to utilize a worm composter. This is a much neater way to dispose of your leftovers, yard debris, and newspapers. Landfill waste will produce a large quantity of methane gases over a very short period of time, which can be very harmful to the environment.

Notable Specifications

  • Built-in spigot to make draining easier
  • Capable of holding up to 8 trays (includes 4 trays)
  • Step-by-step instructional guide and DVD included in purchase price
  • Speeds up decomposition drastically
  • Very user friendly composter
  • Extremely easy assembly process

A worm composter is definitely a great way to turn your home wastes into fertile compost. This is an odorless decomposition technique that is more desirable than using a compost pile. Each tray will weigh around 12 ½ pounds once it is completely full, so you can lift it without difficulty. It will take the first tray about 3-months, before the content is fully decomposed by the red wigglers.

The worm ladder will help the worms migrate up into upper trays. You will receive a hand rake with your purchase, so you can stir the compost routinely. The free thermometer will also help you monitor the compost temperature, so the environment is perfect.

Overall Assessment  

The Worm Factory 360 is the best way to vermicompost. Not only does it help to speed up the decomposition process, but it will make the environment healthier. The assembly process is very easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes. This is definitely the best way to compost, plus it is odorless and will not leave your backyard smelling putrid.

Click here to find the lowest price
Click here to find the lowest price



compost tumbler reviews

Yimby Tumbler Composter Review

The Yimby Tumbler is constructed out of recycled plastic and has a very sturdy steel frame. This composter has a unique design, which sets it apart from other composters, because it is capable of tumbling. This allows the user to mix the compost every 2 weeks, just by spinning the composter. This is definitely much easier than stirring the contents with a hand rake.

Notable Specifications

  • Constructed out of durable, recycled plastic
  • Air vents are adjustable
  • Capable of producing a large quantity of compost in just 2 weeks or less
  • Holding capacity of 37 gallons
  • Designed with 2 chambers, one for older compost and the other for new
  • Extremely easy assembly process
  • Very user friendly

The tumbling Yimby is definitely a wonderful composter that is capable of producing quick compost in a matter of weeks. All you need to do is load the composter, close the door, and spin it every couple of weeks. If the content begins to emit an odor, you can add more carbon such as corn cobs and dried leaves to the pile.

The doors slide back, so you can easily add your debris and waste, plus they will stay securely closed, while the composter is spinning. The vent holes allow for adequate air circulation and drainage. Do not add water during the winter months, because this could potentially cause the plastic to freeze and bust, even though it is weatherproof material.

Overall Assessment

The Yimby Tumbler will make your composting project very easy. It is important to note that it may take longer for the waste to decompose fully, just be patient and stick by the rule of thumb 25:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio.

Click here to find the lowest price
Click here to find the lowest price



vermihut composter review

VermiHut Worm Composter Review

Composting does require a bit of work, but the longer you do it the more familiar that you will become. The rule of thumb that one must remember at all times is 25:1 carbon to nitrogen. If you follow this rule, the compost will not emit an unpleasant odor and wild animals will not be drawn to the composter. If you are searching for a composter that will produce healthy compost and add appeal to your backyard, then you should look no further than the VermiHut.

Notable Specifications

  • Constructed out of recycled polyethylene materials
  • 5 Trays, which will hold 1,200 worms each
  • Measures in at 16” H X 17” W X 17” L
  • Includes an organic coconut fiber mat, which will deter fruit flies
  • Extremely easy assembly process
  • Affordable
  • Available in red or green

When filling the trays, you will start with the bottom shelf. This is where the worms will stay until they are finished doing their job, then they will slowly migrate upwards to the next tray. Just remove the bottom tray, empty the rich compost into your garden, and place it back on top.

Overall Assessment

The VermiHut is a very sturdy composter that will hold a large quantity of wastes. It is very user friendly and does not require a scientific degree to manufacture rich compost.

Click here to find the lowest price
Click here to find the lowest price



best composting bin reviews

Good Ideas EZCJR-BLK Wizard Jr. Composter Review

If you have small children and pets that like to explore and get into everything, you will need a composter that is child and pet safe. The Good Ideas Wizard Jr. is constructed out of BPA free recycled plastic. It is designed like a round barrel drum that sits on top of a wheeled base. This will definitely make emptying it very easy, since all you have to do is slowly roll it off of the base and all the way to the garden.

Notable Specifications

  • Holding capacity of around 52 1/3 gallon of compost
  • Constructed out of heavy duty recycled PBA free material
  • Equipped with recessed handles for easy turning
  • Pet and child safe design with a screw-on lid
  • Barrel design with a sturdy base
  • Extremely easy to assemble, since it only comes in 2 pieces
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Includes a 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty

The Wizard Jr. is designed to keep animals and rodents out. The lid screws on tightly and the small vent holes are located on each end of the barrel. The large 18” diameter opening will make adding and removing compost very easy. The Wizard Jr. will not leak unless the water extends up to the ventilation holes, so monitor how much water is added routinely.

Overall Assessment

The Good Ideas Wizard Jr. composter is designed to offer durability and hold a large quantity of compost. If you are searching for a composter that is animal and childproof, you should definitely select the Wizard Jr. If you are looking for a composter that will produce compost quickly, you should select one with trays or several compartments, which the Wizard Jr. does not have.

Click here to find the lowest price
Click here to find the lowest price

A Comprehensive Review Of Worm Composting (Vermicomposting)


As an avid gardener, you know the impact that great soil and fertilizer can have on plant life. You want your plants to grow to their full potential, so that you can utilize them to the fullest. If you want to get the most of your garden, then you should consider worm composting. There is probably a good change that you have already heard some rants over the topic. All the hype is true and when it comes to composting with worms, everybody wins.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Garbage Disposal


Owning a garbage disposal is great, because they can do an excellent job getting rid of that unwanted waste in an environmental friendly way. However, most people take their garbage disposal for granted, until it ends up breaking down or clogging plumbing pipes. Then you are left wondering what went wrong and who wants to admit that they used bad judgment. Needless to say, you are now left with an expensive repair job. It is much easier and cheaper, if you take action to prevent this from happening. Below you will find some tips and information that can extend the life of your disposal and prevent clogs.

See also: What You Need To Consider When Buying A Garbage Disposal

Use Routinely

Did you know that running your disposal on a regular basis could prevent freeze ups, corrode, and rust buildup? In the long run this is going to prevent clogs and extend the life of your disposal, as well. Even if you do not have anything to grind up, it is an excellent idea to run your disposal every few days, by just flushing it with running tap water. This will also help keep those grinding blades and components clean and free of mold and fungus growth.

How to Clean Garbage Disposal

Always use cold water when running your garbage disposal. The reason for this is because hot water actually wants to melt the food waste and leave it clinging to the insides of the disposal. However, cold water will harden the waste making it much easier for the disposal to grind them up into a liquefied consistency. Hot water is great for cleaning many things, but not your garbage disposal.

Run For Extended Time Period

After you have disposed of your leftovers, try leaving the disposal running for an extra minute or two. This will ensure you that every bit of the food was grinned down efficiently and pushed down the pipe. It also never hurts to add a little dishwashing soap during this process. You will find a long list of tips for cleaning a garbage disposal and plumbing pipes that will prevent mishaps.

Smaller Pieces

It is important to remember that the grind chamber will only hold a specified amount of waste. Do not try to jam large chunks down the disposal, instead simply take a little extra time to cut the food into smaller pieces, this little technique will prevent clogs and greatly extend the life of your disposal.

What Not To Put In Your Disposal

It is a known fact that some items just do not work so well with a garbage disposal. Below you will find a list of items that you want to avoid putting in the disposal chute.

  • Potato peels – contain starch, so they will stick to the sides and internal components. They are very hard to flush out of the disposal due to this fact.
  • Pits, seeds, or big bones – can dull your blades and eventually clog your pipes.
  • Grease or cooking oil– can actually solidify inside your disposal and clog your pipes.
  • Egg shells – have a thin membrane inside of them, which can potentially wrap around the grinding blades. If this happens and you continue to use the disposal, you risk burning out the motor.
  • Rice and pasta – will continue to expand, even though it is pre-cooked leftovers. You will risk clogging your pipes and filling up your septic tank too quickly, if you dispose of these foods in your garbage disposal.
  • Celery – is a nutritional vegetable that will add an immense amount of flavoring to your salads and casserole, but it should never be put into a garbage disposal. Celery consists of long, thick strands that will wrap around the grinding blades and potentially burn out the motor. If you continue to dispose of these items, in this manner, you may discover that your garbage disposal is not working.

Freshen Your Garbage Disposal

A dirty garbage disposal can leave an unappealing odor in your home. There are several ways to freshen up your garbage disposal with products that you can find stored away in your cupboard.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda – mix a 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar with a 1/2 cup of baking soda in a medium size bowl, then flip on the disposal, pour the liquid content down the disposal chute, and wait about 20 seconds, before turning on the tap water.
  • Bleach – will eradicate up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Mix 1 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water, turn on the disposal, pour the liquid content down the disposal chute, and wait about 20 seconds, before turning on the tap water.
  • Lemon Juice – contains a high content of citric acid that is capable of breaking down smelly odors. Just simply pour 12-16 ounces of lemon juice down the disposal chute on a routine basis to freshen up the garbage disposal.
  • Frozen Vinegar Cubes – mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1/2 gallon of water, pour the liquid into an ice cube mold, and sit in your freezer until frozen solid. Once the cubes are solid, you can pour them down the disposal chute, add 1/2 cup of rock salt, and turn the disposal on. This will flush away any leftover food particles and eliminate those smelly odors.

Garbage Disposal Leaking

If your garbage disposal develops a leak, you may need to replace the rubber mounting gasket or sink flange. Just turn on the disposal and water tap to see if water is leaking around the bottom of the sink. If your disposal is new, you may need to remove the entire unit and place some plumbers putty between the flange and the surface of the sink.

If this is not where the leak is located, you should do a little investigating around the dishwasher inlet connection. The clamp that holds this connection together may just need to be retightened or replaced.

If you find a water leak around the discharge drainpipe, you should try tightening up the bolts that secures the pipe to the disposal. If this does not work, then you may need to replace the rubber drain gasket located between the drainpipe and disposal outlet.

If these repairs do not fix your leaky disposal, you may very well have a cracked grind chamber housing, which will call for a complete replacement.

What You Need To Consider When Buying A Garbage Disposal


It goes without saying that garbage disposals are very handy devices to have in the kitchen. However, if have tried to shop for one before, you have likely noticed that there are lots of different brands, designs, and sizes to select from. If you are new to the garbage disposal field, then this can make your choice quite a difficult one.

Choosing the right garbage disposal can actually be quite easy once you learn a little bit about the product and exactly how it operates. Just keep in mind that you want to choose one that will suit your needs and financial budget, but remember cheaper is not always better.

Local Laws and Regulations

If you are simply replacing an older garbage disposal model, then you will not need to worry about this section. However, if this is a new install, then the first thing you need to do is check with your local laws to make sure you are even allowed to have a garbage disposal installed in your home. Some cities will not allow garbage disposals, because they place a massive strain on the sewer system.

Proper Plumbing

If you are installing a garbage disposal for the first time, you need to make sure that your plumbing will be capable of handling the disposal. You also need to examine your existing electrical and plumbing fixtures to make sure the disposal you are considering, will be compatible.

Electrical Wiring

You are going to have to hardwire your new garbage disposal into a switch, so that you will be able to manually turn it off and on. If you have an existing disposal, then you may not have any concerns with this require. However, if this is a new install, it might be a little bit more complicated. While most expensive brands do not come with an electrical cable, you can purchase a separate power cord kit. This option will allow you to plug the disposal directly into a 110 volt electric receptacle, which is a much better alternative than the hardwired installation process.

Choosing the Motor Size

When it comes to selecting the size of the motor, this will really depend on the size of your household, quantity of leftovers, and the types of food that you plan on disposing. If you are a single person, then a 1/3-1/2 HP motor will be sufficient, but if you are a member of a medium-sized family, then you should look for a 3/4 HP motor. However, if you are a member of a large family, then it is recommended to go with a 1 HP motor.

It is crucial to factor all of these requirements into the equation, so that you can make the appropriate selection that is suitable for you and your family’s needs. If you select a garbage disposal that cannot keep up with your needs, then you will risk burning up the motor.

Stainless Steel

While they are many garbage disposals on the market that are constructed out of heavy duty materials, it is best to choose a model with blades and grinding components that are constructed out of stainless steel. This material is sharper, harder, more durable, and will even grind the toughest food up into a liquefied consistency. This will prevent any clogging from forming in the pipes.


If your kitchen consists of a dishwasher, you are also going to need to make sure that you choose a disposal with the appropriate hookups. Your dishwasher tube will be transferred from your existing plumbing into the disposal. The hookup for this is actually pretty simple, just as long as you choose a disposal that has a dishwasher attachment.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Almost all garbage disposals are extremely easy to install. In fact, the installation hardware and guide is included in the purchase price. You will find that the biggest obstacle that you will face, when installing a garbage disposal is the hardwiring process. Of course, this can be eliminated altogether, if you are willing to spend around $10 extra for a power cord kit. This will allow you to plug/unplug the electrical cable into any 110 volt receptacle.

garbage disposal install diagram


The length of the warranty will play a huge role in the garbage disposal’s service life. For instance, the Waste King brand offers a lifetime warranty against erosion, with a limited in-home repair service. This is definitely a phenomenal bonus that will entice the consumer to purchase this particular brand. Other brands like InSinkErator and KitchenAid also offer warranties that will range anywhere from 5-10 years.

Noise Decibel Level

Another very important factor to consider when shopping for a garbage disposal is the vibration and noise decibel level. Most brands are developing sound sealing technologies and integrating them into their disposals. This offers an ultra-quiet performance, which is a huge improvement from the standard garbage disposal model.

Grinding Stages

The best garbage disposal is integrated with multi-grind technology, which grinds down the food in a quicker and more efficient manner. The 1 HP motor will grind food in three stages, whereas the 1/2-3/4 HP motor will grind the food in two stages. The multi-grind technology ensures that all of the foods are ground down into a liquefied consistency.

Customer Reviews

When searching for an expensive appliance, electronic, or any other product for that manner, you should always read the customer reviews. You will garbage disposal ratings on a large variety of online retail websites. The current and former customers will rate their experience with a particular product, so other potential consumers can use them to make their final selection.