Eliminating the Garbage Disposal Smells


Nothing kills a roiling stomach, begging for food, than walking into a kitchen that smells like a compost heap with last months dead livestock and rotten tomatoes, ripe with freshly-flecked cigarettes and oyster shells drenched in spoiled milk.  Let’s pretend that for a moment, you love the smell of a great kitchen.  In reality, you have what is a poorly-maintained garbage disposal.

eliminating garbage disposal smells

It’s Easy-to-Cure a Sick Disposal

What you do is start a flow of water into the disposal, a steady stream of cool water should be the initial process.  Don’t breathe deep, the fumes from whatever died long ago will waft into your face.

Engage the disposal, let it cycle until the horrible sound of whatever is clogging it flushes.  If you’re having trouble with this, a little baking soda flushed with vinegar should provide a spectacular display of ridding your pipes of the clog of detritus.

Rinse your basin of the white powder.  Allow it to run for about thirty seconds.  To ensure that your garbage disposal doesn’t smell like three-day old roadkill, let’s look around your food items that can continue to purify your home smells.

What do you think about citrus fruits?  Peelings from oranges, clementines, lemons, limes, all of these can be digested by your garbage disposal and provide an effervescent shroud over your food preparation area.  If you have small children, you can line them up in the kitchen and show them the joys of slaying the stinker down below, and safely operate the garbage disposal.  While doing this, it’s fun to make growling noises and chewing sounds, “NOM NOM, ORANGE PEELS MAKE ME FEEL GOOD!  BELCH!”  And let the scent waft around the kitchen, letting the little ones learn the smell of citrus is the smell of happiness.

Walk it Back

While taking the children back to the living room or their play area, continue making funny voices and bandy about how the garbage disposal is happier now.  He’s possibly unhappy that the bathroom smells so much when people eat pizza.