Frigidaire FFDI331DMS GrindPro Waste Disposer Review


Is it time to replace that old garbage disposal? You are without a doubt going to have thousands of different brands to choose from, but you should only consider the best. If you are in the market for a new garbage disposal, you need to check out the Frigidaire GrindPro. This is truly a quality disposal that would provide any household with innumerable of benefits.

Frigidaire FFDI331DMS review

Quiet, But Powerful

If you have used garbage disposals in the past, you probably already know they can be extremely loud. However, with the Sound Guard Technology that is embedded into the GrindPro, you will barley be able to hear the motor running. Do not let the quite operation fool you, because the quietness does not affect the power capabilities of this disposal.

In fact, the Frigidaire is equipped with a high-torque motor that immediately grinds waste into small particles, without using as much water and electricity as other brands. At the end of the day, this disposer might save you some money on your electric bill.

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Compact Design

The GrindPro disposer has a very compact and lightweight design, which allows it to be installed easily in tight spaces. On top of all of this, the splashguard prevents waste from splashing out into the sink, while the motor is running. The impellers are constructed of stainless steel, which ensure longevity, durability, and quality.

Below, you will learn about the most notable specification for the Frigidaire FFDI331DMS GrindPro garbage disposal.


Notable Specifications

  • Very affordable, but reliable brand
  • Compact and lightweight design ensures easy installation in tight spaces
  • Sound Guard Technology greatly reduces the operational noise
  • Splashguard stops waste from splashing out into the sink during operation
  • 1/3HP high-torque motor is extremely powerful, but consumes less water and electricity, making this a cost-efficient appliance
  • Stainless steel impellers ensure longevity, durability, and quality
  • Continuous feed operation for a quick and complete grinding process

Overall Assessment

Garbage disposals are a big part of most kitchens. This is why it is imperative that you find one that can provide you with a long service life. That is exactly what the Frigidaire GrindPro can do and at the end of the day, it is one of the best brands on the market today.

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