General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposal Review


General Electric GFV520V garbage disposal is a novel device featuring a large capacity. It can be easily installed and there is ½ horsepower magnet permanent motor in heavy duty behind the grinding action of the disposer. The General Electric GFC520V model must be considered as the organic waste that is home produced is solved and you can just run some water, flick a switch and empty it down the sink.

general electric gfc520v review

Salient Features

  • Construction: The General Electric GFC520V model garbage disposal has dual swivel blades in stainless steel and they are designed such that they do not get jam. Users can enjoy the benefit of removable splash guard.
  • Space Saving: Under the sinks the storage room is always less and now this model is mere 5.5 inches wide and 12.5 inches high, so space saving is sure.
  • Design: The design of GFC520V garbage disposal model has taken a considerable time and effort. This unit connects the on and off switch offering the convenience of device control. The disposal is in two levels such that one is to precut the waste food and the next is to pulverize the food material inside the unit using the impellers. The parts are in durable metals and it easily slides into the under sink compact areas.
  • Size & Power / Noise: There is full sound insulation package that it minimizes the grinding sound while using the appliance. There is splashguard to ensure free operation of the mess, besides it helps in keeping the noise muffled at the sink connection.
  • Feed & Grinder: The GFC520V feed is continuous. The garbage disposal can pursue feeding the biodegradable food waste without stopping or giving any halt. The disposal turns and grinds the waste food into the unit. You just have to remove the sink stopper and turn on cold water so that the garbage disposal flows smoothly and you may turn the power unit on.

 Other Features

The GFC520V garbage disposal model has a 2800rpm grinding action and a ½ horsepower motor. Of course, some parts are insulated. These are easier to install and are excellent to dispose garbage. The power, price and capacity of this model are good and on installing them, you will notice the difference.

The grind is excellent of the garbage disposal that it pulverizes the waste easily. The package helps in reducing the actual noise produced. The unit does not have a jam wrench to clear jams.

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Do’s / Don’ts 

Read the installation instruction while installing the unit. Clean the unit regularly using soap, running water and ice cubes, use citrus peels, lime or lemon to freshen the disposer smell. Use the unit regularly so that seizing is prevented. Avoid putting hot grease or oil inside the unit as it may clog the disposer.


  • Less noise
  • High volume garbage
  • Easy to install


  • Perfect installation is mandatory, else, it will collapse
  • Relatively small opening


The General Electric GFC520V is a robust garbage disposer. It is affordable and designed to ensure durability. There is noise, yet it is the right appliance to meet household needs.

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