How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal


We all have one of these wonderful items in our home. It’s the noisiest thing that many of us operate. It’s the monster under the sink; our Garbage Disposal. For what it’s worth, many people absentmindedly abuse this kitchen aid, and their lack of knowledge sometimes turns into a pricey bill that they could have avoided.

how to clean a garbage disposal

Turn on the Cold Water

It’s a rinse that will start the process. The flow of water circling the drain helps funnel everything where it needs to go.


Engage the Disposal

Flip the light switch that starts the horrible sound from under the sink. It’s imperative that one doesn’t decide to stick their hands in the disposal while the disposal is engaged. Horror movies have capitalized on the possible dismemberment possible from these digit-removing blades. From here out, if there is a reason to reach past the drain, turn the disposal off!


Slowly Feed the Disposal with Scraps

One piece at a time, let gravity take the scraps down the drain. Don’t shovel everything in at once, it’s not a pie eating contest for the pipes! Listen to the sound of the whirling blades, and if it sounds like the disposal is having a hard time of processing your garbage, slow it down.

Avoid fibrous items like stalks or meaty items. These can go in your actual garbage, putting these in your sink can risk a clog and nobody wants that, except a local plumber. These items can be trouble, so if possible, don’t expect these to go in your sink. Large items, like turkey bones, can likewise be tossed in the actual trash. No need to test the limits of your wallet with an expensive house call.


After all Sink Scraps are Down the Drain, Continue to Flush with Cool Water

What you’re doing is ensuring that the system is trouble-free. Like any other rinsing process, you’re going to do this for at least thirty seconds to a minute. Once that time has elapsed, you can turn off the water and have yourself a normal evening.


Periodic Maintenance

Once a week, it is recommended that you finish with a couple extra steps. Take an ice cube tray’s worth of ice, and while you’re flushing the cool water through your pipes with the disposal on, start sending these through the system. They will help clean the blades and knock bits of hidden detritus loose.

After this, add a service of dish soap and possibly some citrus rinds and continue to flush the system with water. The rinds will be pulverized and the smell will assist with what normally is placed in the disposal. Once you’re finished flushing the drain, you can safely disengage the disposal and after a minute, stop the water.

Continue about your day.

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