What You Need To Consider When Buying A Garbage Disposal


It goes without saying that garbage disposals are very handy devices to have in the kitchen. However, if have tried to shop for one before, you have likely noticed that there are lots of different brands, designs, and sizes to select from. If you are new to the garbage disposal field, then this can make your choice quite a difficult one.

Choosing the right garbage disposal can actually be quite easy once you learn a little bit about the product and exactly how it operates. Just keep in mind that you want to choose one that will suit your needs and financial budget, but remember cheaper is not always better.

Local Laws and Regulations

If you are simply replacing an older garbage disposal model, then you will not need to worry about this section. However, if this is a new install, then the first thing you need to do is check with your local laws to make sure you are even allowed to have a garbage disposal installed in your home. Some cities will not allow garbage disposals, because they place a massive strain on the sewer system.

Proper Plumbing

If you are installing a garbage disposal for the first time, you need to make sure that your plumbing will be capable of handling the disposal. You also need to examine your existing electrical and plumbing fixtures to make sure the disposal you are considering, will be compatible.

Electrical Wiring

You are going to have to hardwire your new garbage disposal into a switch, so that you will be able to manually turn it off and on. If you have an existing disposal, then you may not have any concerns with this require. However, if this is a new install, it might be a little bit more complicated. While most expensive brands do not come with an electrical cable, you can purchase a separate power cord kit. This option will allow you to plug the disposal directly into a 110 volt electric receptacle, which is a much better alternative than the hardwired installation process.

Choosing the Motor Size

When it comes to selecting the size of the motor, this will really depend on the size of your household, quantity of leftovers, and the types of food that you plan on disposing. If you are a single person, then a 1/3-1/2 HP motor will be sufficient, but if you are a member of a medium-sized family, then you should look for a 3/4 HP motor. However, if you are a member of a large family, then it is recommended to go with a 1 HP motor.

It is crucial to factor all of these requirements into the equation, so that you can make the appropriate selection that is suitable for you and your family’s needs. If you select a garbage disposal that cannot keep up with your needs, then you will risk burning up the motor.

Stainless Steel

While they are many garbage disposals on the market that are constructed out of heavy duty materials, it is best to choose a model with blades and grinding components that are constructed out of stainless steel. This material is sharper, harder, more durable, and will even grind the toughest food up into a liquefied consistency. This will prevent any clogging from forming in the pipes.


If your kitchen consists of a dishwasher, you are also going to need to make sure that you choose a disposal with the appropriate hookups. Your dishwasher tube will be transferred from your existing plumbing into the disposal. The hookup for this is actually pretty simple, just as long as you choose a disposal that has a dishwasher attachment.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Almost all garbage disposals are extremely easy to install. In fact, the installation hardware and guide is included in the purchase price. You will find that the biggest obstacle that you will face, when installing a garbage disposal is the hardwiring process. Of course, this can be eliminated altogether, if you are willing to spend around $10 extra for a power cord kit. This will allow you to plug/unplug the electrical cable into any 110 volt receptacle.

garbage disposal install diagram


The length of the warranty will play a huge role in the garbage disposal’s service life. For instance, the Waste King brand offers a lifetime warranty against erosion, with a limited in-home repair service. This is definitely a phenomenal bonus that will entice the consumer to purchase this particular brand. Other brands like InSinkErator and KitchenAid also offer warranties that will range anywhere from 5-10 years.

Noise Decibel Level

Another very important factor to consider when shopping for a garbage disposal is the vibration and noise decibel level. Most brands are developing sound sealing technologies and integrating them into their disposals. This offers an ultra-quiet performance, which is a huge improvement from the standard garbage disposal model.

Grinding Stages

The best garbage disposal is integrated with multi-grind technology, which grinds down the food in a quicker and more efficient manner. The 1 HP motor will grind food in three stages, whereas the 1/2-3/4 HP motor will grind the food in two stages. The multi-grind technology ensures that all of the foods are ground down into a liquefied consistency.

Customer Reviews

When searching for an expensive appliance, electronic, or any other product for that manner, you should always read the customer reviews. You will garbage disposal ratings on a large variety of online retail websites. The current and former customers will rate their experience with a particular product, so other potential consumers can use them to make their final selection.